Ossuary installed at Herron Galleries

My artist’s book, O, LOVER! O, DEATH! / A Tragic Account of the Life of The Infinite Woman, is part of Laurie Beth Clark‘s Ossuary project, currently installed at Herron School of Art and Design from now until mid-February!

Learn more about O, LOVER! O, DEATH! here and here.

Learn more about Ossuary here.


2 responses to “Ossuary installed at Herron Galleries

  1. I love altered books (and wonder cabinets!) This is a captivating piece and the text is great. Can we see an installation view of the gallery? Or maybe I’ll head over to the Mary Beth Clark & Herron School of Art & Design links, where I’ll probably find exactly that.

    Happy 2014 Katrina! Looks like you’re off to a nice start! 😀


  2. Hello Katrina. What a wonderful piece. I feel just like this piece sometimes. And how remarkable that you write about The Infinite Woman in 1850! Are you aware of the #1850charla project? I’m actually alive today because of it and I would very much love to see The Infinite Woman participate in it. Here is the basic information:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful work Katrina.

    Best regards,


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