“Dr. Katie Schaag and students wrap up American Plastic”

Schaag - E245 Seminar - Photo by Lauren Hawley

University of Wisconsin-Madison English Department has published a beautifully written article by Director of Communications Lauren Hawley about my seminar English 245: PLASTIC! Surface, Substance, Selfie:


“On a misty day in May Dr. Katie Schaag, the 2017-18 Mendota Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, and the students of English 245 hike up Bascom Hill to reflect on a semester that challenged them to read and think deeply about plastic in many of its material and conceptual forms. And also, to build a collaborative American Plastic installation with seemingly ordinary plastic objects. Although the grass is already soggy and more rain looms, the heady conversation about performance, artifice, and reality itself makes these concerns immaterial…”

The story wonderfully crystallizes the themes, methods, and energy of my American Plastic class. I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to teach this seminar with such brilliant and creative English majors!

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