Essay in Yes Femmes: “From Bush to Brontë and Back Again”

Yes Femmes Bush Bronte

I’m thrilled to have work in the latest issue of Yes Femmes, beautifully edited and designed by Sam Cohen and Sandra Rosales! It’s the Fandom Issue, which “explores fandom as an orientation, wondering what happens when we approach the world with gushiness, with desire to connect or become.” 💖✨🔮💄💅🦄

My creative nonfiction piece, “From Bush to Brontë and Back Again: The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever,” theorizes the queer femme affects, aesthetics, and orientations of the Kate Bush-Emily Brontë-TMWHDE lineage, with contributions from my fabulous co-organizers River Bullock, Melissa Marver, M. Milks, Bonnie Murphy, and Victoria Vasys, highlighted in red. It also features a new video edit of the 2016 dance performance. 💃💃💃

“Our queer femme world-making manifests a utopia of infinite Cathies without a Heathcliff, a self-reproductive process operating outside the tangled patriarchal familial structures that govern the world of Brontë’s novel. […] As we continue to perform future iterations of the dance, Catherine will keep multiplying, while Heathcliff remains eternally absent. We’ll keep singing to Heathcliff—lip-syncing, actually—but we’ll dance with each other.” 💃💃💃

This essay was inspired in part by discussions with Susan David Bernstein about fan culture’s impact on contemporary interpretations of Brontë’s novel — I’m grateful for her insightful perspective and suggestions for this piece! And Mary Trotter (also a TMWHDE dancer!) pointed me to a wonderful passage of the novel. 💃💃💃

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