Creative Writing

Prototype 3 - text edited“The Infinite Woman,” a digital poetry app currently in development with a fantastic team of Georgia Tech computer science and computational media students (Alayna Panlilio, Ryan Power, Josh Terry, Alex Yang, and Jeffrey Zhang)


Imagined Theatres“A Plastic Theatre” in Imagined Theatres (Amherst, MA), Issue 3, August 2019
+ critical response to my work by Lisa Woynarski


NightBlock Queer Climate - Andrew CataneseExcerpt from SEAL/WOMAN (“The Wilderness,” “Choked,” “The Shining Surface”) in NightBlock (Philadelphia, PA), Edition 12: Queer Climate e-book, p. 41-47, June 2019


Seal Woman Ronald LockleyExcerpt from SEAL/WOMAN (“The Winter,” “Summer,” “Men were everywhere”) in Guttural (Canterbury, England), Issue 3, February 2019


Datableed“The Moon Appears Upon the Stage” and “Glass Tongued Snake” in Datableed (Canterbury, England), Issue 11, February 2019


Yes Femmes Bush Bronte “From Bush to Brontë and Back Again: The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever” in Yes Femmes (Los Angeles, CA), Issue 2, June 2018


fog“Chanting at the Crystal Salton Sea,” “Alice in stitches a vague fugue,” and “The Infinite Woman (Prologue)” in La Vague (San Diego, CA), Issue 9, October 2017


IMG_20170620_190218245 The Infinite Woman, broadside/chapbook designed and printed by Oxeye Press (Madison, WI), June 2017. Edition of 30, numbered and signed.


“Hostage” in Vector Press (Pittsburgh, PA), Issue VI, April 2017


“The Attic” in Word For/Word (Weston, WV), Vol. 28, Fall 2016


3567927396-e8894e3fd3-o “She awoke at once” in Nat. Brut (Dallas, TX), August 2016


Schaag image “Soliloquy” and “Chicago, 2005” in ÖMËGÄ, Metatron (Montreal, Quebec), December 2015


rcr09_coverpic “Nineteen One Act Plays About Forgetting” and “Images for a Film” in Rabbit Catastrophe Review #9, Rabbit Catastrophe Press (Lexington, KY), February 2015


INDEX3-promo-cover “Osmium, Tungsten, Dionaea, Lavandula” (performance documentation) in Emergency INDEX Vol. 3 2013Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn, NY), December 2014


livelectureimage3 “The landscape cracks and I sink into a nameless current” (video-poem) in Requited Journal #6 (Chicago, IL), January 2012


PICT5565 “Lady in Red: The Performance and Liberation of Desire in Dana Rotberg’s Angel of Fire” (graphic essay/artist’s book) in Digital Salon (Madison, WI), April 2010