communication // saturation (( four humans // four televisions ))


communication // saturation (( four humans // four televisions ))

Multimedia installation with video, audio, and durational performance

With Sarah Marie Coogan, Kate Graham, and Ellen Rebman

i^3 international/independent/interstitial festival, i^3 hypermedia, Chicago, IL, March 2008 (four hour durational performance)

Version Festival:  Dark Matter, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL, April 2008 (three hour durational performance)

“This multimedia experimental performance installation project will be an exploration of the way constraining forces and limiting discourses put us in boxes and tell us there’s no in-between.  We want to expose our frequent non-resistance/cooperation with the superstructure, but also the ways that we dismantle the system from within.  We want to see if we can create a temporary autonomous zone where we can forge our own discourses, but we also want to explore the challenges and limitations to this ideal. We want to blur boundaries, explore the spectrums behind the binaries.  We want to explore and transcend/transform barriers between people, especially communication barriers.  Within the technocratic culture, we want to forge or explore an intimate connection that is creative and human.”

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