Magical Attic


Installation / Relational Performance / Social Sculpture
Magical Attic, S. Lloyd Ave., Bridgeport, Chicago, IL
May-August 2009

From May-August 2009 I cultivated a live-work installation space in the Bridgeport attic I inhabited.  The space included the Electric Glow-Womb, a sculptural/environmental installation I constructed from soft fabric, lace, plastic beams, pillows, and pastel lighting.  A series of official and unofficial, curated and spontaneous shows, events, readings, and happenings shaped the space just as the space shaped me and my housemates and friends.  A process-oriented social sculpture, a collaboratively generated relational performance.  Magical Attic was an exercise in wish fulfillment, in performing impossible possibilities, sharing creative work and generating new work, letting go and letting in.

Participants included Ellen Rebman, Dinah Gumns, Robert Austin, Ryan Veggie, Hannah Frank, Manal Kara, Nate Martin, Sarah Marie Coogan, Jon Ziemba, Clara Langrall, Ari Mejia, Bo Mejia, Megan Palkert, Negin Ahmadi, Michelle Sus, Kevin Bolander, David Cavazzos, Meg McCarville, Julie Ricile, Brian Buzzkill, Jacqui Zoellner, George Hanania, Aleksandra Tomazewska, Todd Leibov, Daniel Smith, Chad, Peter Ha, Alison Rane, Harold Moore, Jillian Musielak, Rose Schrier, Heather Marie Vernon, Zach Parsons, Michael Karouzos, Linda Monacelli, Victoria Sroka, Jay Ahmed, Mackel, Nick Bahr, Mark Bose, Dave Purdie, Matt McKinney/Wolfman America, Angel Amore, and John Drew.

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