Music Box


Music Box
Digital Video / Multimedia Object
Duration: 6:31
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

I designed a screening of this project to make the movement and sound appear to be emanating from a tiny music box. I constructed a small light projection box with a cardboard box and a screen made from paper, and I projected the video with a tiny projector from behind the box’s screen. The tiny “music box” video projection is intended to suggest Victorian dollhouses and shadow boxes (and, more specifically, a 19th c. “Phasmatrope” screen-box), and to evoke a ghostly and magical quality.

The video features two performers sitting at a table with an empty crystal cake platter, with a lace cloud hanging above. The two women enter the space and sit, one woman begins to sing and the other joins her for the final chorus, and then they exit.

Designed and directed by Katrina Schaag; performed by Eleanor Johnson and Katrina Schaag.

Watch the video footage, sans light projection box, here