Osmium, Tungsten, Dionaea, Lavandula (Café Allongé)


Photograph by Israel Campos

Osmium, Tungsten, Dionaea, Lavandula
Intimate, site-specific, one-on-one performance
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art‘s Wisconsin Triennial
With Café Allongé by Spatula & Barcode
September 2013 – January 2014
Indie Coffee
Madison, WI

Osmium, Tungsten, Dionaea, Lavandula is about repetition and resonance, wish fulfillment and spells, empathy and incantation.


Photograph by Michael Peterson

Maybe we are interrupted by a telephone call. Maybe we eat a delicious cake. Maybe we sing your favorite song together. Dandelion, titanium, copper, juniper.
A secret note scrawled in violet ink on an iron gate. Lavender, honey, osmium, thyme.

Reactions from participants:

“sweet and surreal, strange and lovely” – Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times

“peaceful and fulfilling” – Lanni Solochek, Isthmus

“cool and interesting and just a little weird” – J.J. Kilmer, owner of Indie Coffee

“warm, tender, thought-provoking, and fun” – Anjali Bhasin

“I was startled, excited, sad, happy, completely taken aback, inspired by Katrina Schaag as she guided me through her work. Paper, ink, audio, poetry, writing, touch, dreams and hopes, dancing, singing – it was all in an intense mix that was fresh and inspiring to me.” – Gale Petersen

IMG_7565 crop

Photograph by Michael Peterson

Participants signed up for a spot in advance, and then, before the performance, sent me the title of a favorite song they know by heart.


“Wisconsin Triennial Project ‘Café Allongé’ turns coffee-shop tables into miniature stages,” Lanni Solochek, Isthmus

“Photos: Dance, sing, and imagine at Indie Coffee,” Mike DeVries, Madison.com

“Spatula & Barcode’s Café Allongé performances put the audience in the picture,” Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times

“Café Allongé Artists Bring Gallery Night to the Coffee Scene,” Spatula & Barcode website

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Indie Coffee social media

Documentation of this performance is published in Emergency INDEX Vol. 3 (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, NY, 2014).

3 responses to “Osmium, Tungsten, Dionaea, Lavandula (Café Allongé)

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  2. Hi Katrina! I’m just reading your post over on PB.Re and visiting your link to here. This is such a fantastic project! Now that it’s underway have you posted anything from it yet? I’ll have to poke around your site and see. If you haven’t yet, I do hope you’ll share some images and impressions from the works both here, and of course on PB.Re!

    I seem to keep tumbling down the Public / Participatory art rabbit hole. It just feels so vital to me. I have made objects and stage works in the past, and I don’t dislike them today, but public engagement just feels so much more essential to me now. haha — have to get back to the other blog and finish my comment to you there! 😀

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