Red Feathered Egg Book

katrina_montrealRed Feathered Egg Book
Intimate, site-specific, one-on-one performance
With Café Allongé by Spatula & Barcode
Café Olimpico, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
November 2011

VideoRed Feathered Egg Book
Interactive video
Duration:  25:41
Aspect Ratio:  4:3

“The story she performed was intriguing, and her invitations to me to join the narrative and to be in the moment were handled with grace and aplomb.  I was also impressed by how she created a rich fantasy space for both of us even as quotidian Montreal neighborhood life went on around us . . .” — Jill Dolan

“. . .we seemed to fit there, all feathers and swirling movement, a bit of fantasy in the midst of daily life and no one seemed to bat an eye. Her confidence drew me in, to think, play, recall. ” — Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

This project – a live, conversational performance and its companion piece, a video – seeks to subvert expectations of intimate performance by resisting the viewer’s desire to access the speaking subject’s accurate, authentic, truthful account of herself, and instead to produce a multiplicity of possible truths. The project seeks to conflate intimacy and spectacle: to suggest that intimacy often makes a spectacle of itself, in the hyper-self-conscious removal of masks for the audience or the camera, and to explore the possibilities for a performative spectacle to produce intimacy with the viewer.

While the live, conversational performance is inherently participatory, the video piece also includes interactive elements, simulating an intimate one-on-one performance: the performer speaks directly to the audience, asks questions with space for answers, and asks audience members to fill out a cognitive map as she leaves the screen with music playing.

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